Once upon a time, in March of 2020...okay sorry, did I ruin this story already by bringing up that month and year? Keep reading, I promise it gets better...

...I suddenly became unemployed - much like the rest of the world. I went from commuting from Long Island to the Fashion Institute of Technology during the day - in the last semester of my senior year, no less - and bartending at night, to being homebound - once again, much like the rest of the world - due to something called COVID-19, ever heard of it?

It only took a few weeks of being homebound, stuck inside with my online classes and little else to do, for me to realize that I needed to be doing something meaningful with my time. It was in late April that I decided to make face masks. Not only were they hard to access, but the masks that everyone was wearing made me a little sad inside...they were so drab! I then embarked on a mission to make masks fashionable.

For the record, I went to FIT for business and spent 4 years replying to many

questions with, "No, I don't major in fashion design. I study business." Well, ironically enough, it was then that I picked up a sewing machine and started designing the perfect cotton mask. Might I add here that I then got many questions and comments like, "Where did you learn to sew?" and "I didn't even know that you knew how to sew!" I can thank my high school Home Economics class for that skill!

After many rounds of trial and error, with the help of my Mom, we finalized a

design for a pleated mask. It wasn't long before I debuted my masks online and started selling them. My favorite part of the mask process is choosing which fabrics and styles I would make next. I loved the curating part.

During my mission to make masks fashionable, I decided to expand my business and add scrunchies for a full matching look (I just couldn't help it) and thus, goldn*daze was born. I called up my sister and we got to work on designing and building a website. Special acknowledgement to Silvana for continuing to make everything goldn*daze look beautiful online!

I've always had a passion for fashion and as FIT alumna, I'm proud to say that I've

been able to expand goldn*daze to carry clothing and accessories. Curating an

online clothing shop is something that I had always dreamt of doing!

Now, I'm a graduate student at Fordham University studying Social Work and running my own business. You never know where life will take you and there is certainly no time like the present to do what you love. If you need a sign to follow your dreams: this is it!

Not only will I be working to make the word a better place as a Social Worker, but I'm also working to spark a little bit of joy in your day when you browse goldn*daze and find something that makes you smile.

I hope you love goldn*daze as much as I do!

Founder and Owner